Mereside Limousins

With the exception of a few bought in junior French sires, the majority of sires used within the Mereside herd tend to be AI bulls to take advantage of a variety of genetics available.



  • Sire: Haltcliffe Braveheart
  • Dam: Overthwaite Dancer

This October 2010-born son of Haltcliffe Braveheart was purchased in Carlisle this month for 30,000gns having stood first in his class. He is out of the Adagio daughter Overthwaite Dancer who is out of a Sympa dauhter who goes back to Unique and was purchased for his extreme muscling and depth of rear end







  • Sire: Urville
  • Dam: Asie (by Ondit)

Favori has great length, width of loin, hindquarter and tremendous locomotion. He has an outcross pedigree, but goes back to the exceptional Dauphin on the dam side.

He has a beef value of +44 and will breed both muscle and milk in his progeny.

Semen priced at 15/straw (40 Royalty)


Asie, dam of Favori







  • Sire: Neuf
  • Dam: Unibelle

Bolide is the new herd sire at Mereside. He was purchased in 2009 when he won the  muscle class at Brive Show in France. He has superb length, loin and  hindquarter, making him ideal for pedigree and commercial producers. His pedigree is jam packed with some of the breed’s greatest stars including Neuf, Ionesco and Highlander

Semen is available priced at 30/straw (Royalty 50).

Click on the image on the right to download Bolide semen brochure.

Bolide calf

Bolide heifer calf

2011-10-09 10.41.23

Bolide heifer calf






  • Sire: Ionesco
  • Dam: Uride

Cidre was purchased from France and has been used selectively across the herd producing some great progeny. He is an incredibly easy calving sire and his offspring have great temperament and breed character. Sadly he has only been used for a couple of seasons before suffering an injury




Mereside Fennel
Mereside Fusspot

Cidre daughter Mereside Fennel out of Mereside Carmel

Cidre daughter Mereside Fusspot out of Mereside Cora






  • Sire: Objat
  • Dam: Ullaben

Bloomben was purchased privately from a Welsh breeder having been imported from France. He has been used successfully in the herd for a couple of seasons and has produced good sized females with plenty of depth, width and great tops.




Mereside Easter
Mereside Emoselle

 Bloomben daughter Mereside Easter out of Mereside Vosh   

Bloomben daughter Mereside Emoselle out of Mereside Amoselle






  • Sire: Hyper
  • Dam: Larme

Obus was bought as a stock bull in 2003 Having stood Muscle Champion at the Paris Show. His females are later maturing with great longevity – a real long term prospect for the herd. He was later sold to Kevin Johnson (Leonardo herd) for 7000.




Mereside Anabel
Mereside Beau

Obus daughter Mereside Anabel

Obus daughter Mereside Beau

Mereside Bambi


Obus daughter Mereside Bambi







  • Sire: Ulex
  • Dam: Veronique

Imprudent was purchased in 1994 for 12,000

This super French sire was bought to produce good, strong females with plenty of milk.




Imprudent daughter mereside lace2
Imprudent daughter MERESIDE NATTIER

Imprudent daughter Mereside Lace

Imprudent daughter Mereside Nattier

Mereside Summer


Imprudent daughter Mereside Summer







  • Sire: Nelombo
  • Dam: Fanchette

Vagabond was bought from the same farm as Brian Jones’ Salomon in 2007 for 10,000 as a used sire out of a great French cow Fanchette, who had many superb daughters also producing Siam in Ireland.  He has produced some phenomenal females, with many weighing in excess of 800kg as in-calf heifers.




Mereside Cranford 3800gns
Mereside Dallas 4500gns

Vagabond son, Mereside Cranford sold in Newark in April 2009 for 3800gns

Vagabond son, Mereside Dallas  out of Unique, sold in Newark in April 2009 for 4500gns

Vagabond 1209
Vagabond 1254

Vagabond daughter Mereside Celine

Vagabond daughter Mereside Electra (calf)

Vagabond 1288
Mereside Farfelu

                 Vagabond daughter Mereside Enabel                   

Vagabond son Mereside Farfelu out of Mereside Abbie (by Mereside Tobias)

Mereside Emmajane


Vagabond daughter Mereside Emmajane out of Mereside Beau








  • Sire: Vainqueur
  • Dam: Amorce

Imperial was one of the early AI bulls to be used in the herd. Pleased with the progeny we retained the sire Mereside Tobius who was out of a Greensons Gigolo granddaughter, he has produced some superb females with great length, milk and breed character after doing a fantastic job in the herd he was then purchased privately by Paul Gentry on behalf of Doug and Rachael Gascoine for their commercial herd at Whitby. Imperial was also the sire of Mereside TopMan, sold for 9500gns at Carlisle to Derek Frew (Frewstown herd)



Imperial son Mereside Tobias

Tobias 1392
Tobias 1401

Mereside Tobias daughter Mereside Boppy

Mereside Tobias daughter Mereside Abbie

Tobias 1496
Tobias 1356

Mereside Tobias daughter Mereside Arycine

Mereside Tobias daughter Mereside Alecia






  • Sire: Dauphin
  • Dam: Melodie

The Mereside herd was the first herd in the UK to have progeny from Objat on the ground and currently have some of the oldest Objat female progeny in the UK still in the herd today. Objat’s exceptional muscling and easy calving ability clicked well to produce a great female base for the herd. Sons of this bull have sold privately off farm for 8500 and 9000.


Mereside diamante
Mereside Clover

Objat daughter Mereside Diamante

Objat daughter Mereside Clover

Objat 1242
Objat 1364

Objat daughter Mereside Empress

Objat daughter Mereside Velvet

Objat 1397


Objat daughter Mereside Carla







  • Sire: Mas Du Clo
  • Dam: Lilas

Again, the Mereside herd were the first to have Tehix progeny on the ground in the UK. He is a consistent breeder of medium sized cattle with good growth rates and great breed character.  




Tehix 1251
Tehix 1213

Tehix daughter Mereside Elliemay (calf)

Tehix daughter Mereside Dolores

Mereside Dream


Tehix daughter Mereside Dream out of Mereside Uda






Other AI sires used:

  • Highlander
  • Haltcliffe Vermount
  • Millgate Caesar
  • Roesti
  • Milbrook Dartangnan
  • Mas Du Clo
  • Urville 
  • Usted
  • Procters Cavalier